WASHINGTON — The US Patent and Trademark Office issued a range of patents to product designs and equipment related to the baking industry from March 24 to July 14.

patentsNew Snack Shape

A snack with an intricate design pattern is displayed in this patent.

US Patent No. D878,706 (Mar. 24, 2020), A. Pruisken and M. Sia, assigned to Rip Van, Inc., Brooklyn, NY.

patentsPumpkin Drip Cake

The design for a circular pumpkin drip cake is included in this patent.

US Patent No. D885,006 (May 26, 2020), L. Dion, assigned to Edible IP, LLC, Wallingford, Conn.

patentsFood bar

This patent features a food bar with an ornamental design.

US Patent No. D887,666 (June 23, 2020), J. Clement, M. Diry, C. Doinel, J. Pierre Flatin, M. Jacquet, L. Notardonato, E. Page, assigned to Edible Generale Biscuit, Clamart, France.

patentsCat-shaped baked good

This patent displays an ornamental design for a baked good in the shape of a cat.

US Patent No. D888,366 (June 30, 2020), Y. Miyachi, assigned to Y. Miyachi, Mitaka, Japan.

patentsSnack food

A snack with an intricate, triangular design is shown in this patent.

US Patent No. D889,768 (July 14, 2020), B. Abbas, assigned to Frito-Lay Trading Co., Bern, Switzerland.