In this Baking & Snack case study Editor Charlotte Atchley speaks with Brian Crilly, vice president of international supply chain for Papa Johns, Louisville, Ky., and Sandi Cazalet, national accounts manager for restaurant chains and global accounts for Lesaffre, about how the partnership between the two companies has allowed Papa Johns to achieve consistency in better ingredients and reach consumers across the world.

Lesaffre is a critical part to Papa Johns’ success in maintaining its fresh dough platform.

“Our slogan, as everyone knows, is ‘Better ingredients, better pizza,’ and it really does start with the ingredients that we choose to put into our dough,” Mr. Crilly said. “Using Lesaffre’s instant yeast since the beginning days of Papa Johns has allowed us to achieve our better ingredient, better pizza, commitment.”

In this interview, Mr. Crilly and Ms. Cazalet spotlight how Lesaffre’s instant yeast has provided quality and consistency for Papa Johns for more than four decades, even as the pizza company expands into new markets around the world.