MINNEAPOLIS — Cereal and breakfast company Seven Sundays is launching an upcycled oat protein cereal in partnership with ingredients company SunOpta. The oat protein cereal line is made using OatGold protein powder — a plant-based protein made from the upcycled byproducts of SunOpta’s oat milk production.

Available in Simply Honey, Super Fruity, maple cinnamon and chocolate sea salt flavors, the cereal contains 5 grams of plant-based protein per serving. All four varieties are available nationwide at retailers including Whole Foods Markets and Sprouts, as well as on the Seven Sundays website and Amazon.com.

“At SunOpta, sustainability is part of our DNA and we are always looking for sustainable solutions in our operations,” said Lauren McNamara, vice president and assistant general manager of SunOpta. “Partnering with a like-minded local company to create nutrient-dense cereal made with our upcycled oat protein aligns well with our core values and desire to help provide healthy products for consumers. Through this partnership, we will reduce food waste and create a sustainable solution for our OatGold oat protein powder.”

Seven Sundays’ oat protein cereal line is gluten-free and made using Non-GMO Project verified ingredients.

“We are very excited to partner with SunOpta for ingredient sourcing of our new oat protein cereal line,” said Hannah Barnstable, founder of Seven Sundays. “The leftover product from producing oat milk has three times the protein, twice the fiber and significantly more nutrients compared to already nutritious whole rolled oats. SunOpta’s OatGold ingredient fills a production need for us and provides a tasty and nutritious solution to food waste.”